Why do I need marketing?

Put simply, marketing is getting the best out of your business - by understanding your customers, knowing your competitors, planning, monitoring, and making sure EVERY communication gets the best response for the money you spend.

That's why marketing is important for your business - big or small. Marketing isn't just pushy sales or gimmicky promotions. It's about presenting your business professionally and consistently, and knowing what your customers want. Marketing is planning ahead, and measuring results so that any money you spend gives you a profit.

How can Leading Lights help you?

I offer hands-on practical help, or expert down-to-earth advice and new ideas to help your business flourish. Leading Lights can help as much or as little as you need with a straightforward pay-by-the-hour service. So whether you want a few hours help with a particular project, a few hours marketing support each week, regular updating of your website or social media, a hassle-free leaflet or brochure, research, planning to improve your business, a mail or email campaign, database updates, or anything else you can think of, please phone or email.

Services include:

Business plans for a successful launch.

Expert advice and planning to help you get more out of your budget and your business.

Hands-on practical help with mailing lists, emails, PR, leaflets, advertising, events, social media ...

Research your potential customers and competitors to increase your profits by reaching your target markets.