An easier way to start-up.

Taking the first steps to run your own business can be a daunting prospect, but with careful research, planning and preparation you can significantly reduce the risks. I'll help you right through from writing your first business plan to designing your website at a very affordable price.

Thorough business planning

Business Plan £300

Your business plan isn't just a piece of paper. It's the key to success or failure. This is where you think through every detail so that you launch your business from a solid base. I will take you through the various planning tools to look at business potential, risks and opportunities, your competitors and customers, resulting in a realistic and practical business plan that will guide your day to day activity.

Customer and competitor research

£25 per hour

There's a mass of useful stuff out there but sifting through can be overwhelming and timeconsuming. Whether it's analysing your competitors, finding your customers or identifying your niche, the more knowledge and understanding you start out with, the more likely your business success. I will interpret the data, and present you with usable information to guide your decisions.

Logo design and stationery

Logo £60 - Stationary design and ordering £60 (additional print costs)

A professional, recognisable, consistent image is essential for customer trust and recognition. I can provide a simple, affordable logo to get you started.

Start-up marketing package

Business plan, logo and stationery £390

Start-up web package

Add in a 5-page website £700